Vincenzo Pucarelli

Web Architect, Developer, Designer and more

What I Do?

How I spend my days

Thanks to my strong studies background and my extensive experience, I'm constantly striving to achieve better results and to make the best (web)applications.
I use my knowledge to analyze both the company's requirements and all the foreseeable problems that can happen during an application lifecycle to produce a clean code using the best patterns, practices and architectures available today. This is the way I try to produce brilliant web applications: simple to maintain and ready for future improvements.

–°ode clarity, simplicity and precision are my main principles while working on projects. In my opinion, if you make a project / functionality / piece of code as precisely as you can, will mean making it just once, with less bugs and less problems which surely increases efficiency.

When possible I use state-of-the-art technologies. The architectures that I'm currently using most are the latest technologies available in the Microsoft ecosystem including 4.6.2, MVC 5, Entity Framework 6 developing everything with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Over the years, I have improved my skills in developing front-ends and interfaces so that currently I can work both as a back-end architect and a front-end architect. I gained extensive knowledge of the web 2.0 standards, especially HTML 5 and CSS 3, also using some famous libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap 3, jQuery and jQuery UI, Modernizr, AngularJS etc.

Lately I've also been working as a project manager of a small team of people, this is an important skill that I'm developing more and more each day. Regardless of difficulties, I succeed to take the right decision when the team needs it thanks to my strong technical skills and my experience.