Vincenzo Pucarelli

Web Architect, Developer, Designer and more

Work Experience

What I have done in my career

Feb, 2015

Senior Web Architect & Full Stack Developer

Frontiers Software S.L.  

After many years of work in my hometown, I finally decided to make an international experience abroad. So, I decided to change country and move to Madrid, where I live and work permanently. I joined a multicultural, English speaking, open minded, AGILE team which is developing a researchers and scientific publishers network able to connect researchers all over the world. With over 40 million high quality articles and scientific researches Frontiers is trying to make these data available to everyone in "open access" for free.
In details, with my team we are designing and developing the architecture of the application finding the best solutions for the everyday challenges, trying to improve and develop the whole infrastructure by applying the best patterns and using the latest technologies.
Technically I'm working as Architect and Developer on the latest Microsoft technologies such as 4.6, MVC 6, C#, SQL Server 2016, Entity Framework, Web API 2, Web Services and I'm also using specific products like Elastic Search a NoSQL document database, Rabbit MQ, a high scalable message queue manager and HangFire, a task and background jobs scheduler. In the frontend area, I'm currently using the most common libraries like jQuery, Bootstrap, Knockout.js, Angular and few others less known.

Knowledge developed: 4.6/Core, MVC 5, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Entity Framework 6, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, ElasticSearch, Rabbit Message Queue, Hangfire, AGILE, Microsoft Azure

Feb, 2014
Jan 2015

Senior Web Architect & Developer - Project Manager

Edicom Finance S.r.l.  

I worked on the main project of my company, it was a 360° judicial auctions advertising management CMS, that was built using old technologies. I maintained and rebuilt the project with the best practices & patterns available at that moment, using the most advanced tools out there like Twitter Bootstrap 3, 4.5, MVC 5, SQL Server 2012 / MySQL, Entity Framework 6, jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML 5 / CSS3, Web Services / Web API many other technologies. In this project I also coordinated a small team of external developers and I fulfilled the role of project manager.

Knowledge developed: 4.5, MVC 5, MySQL, Entity Framework 6, Bootstrap 3, HTML 5, CSS 3, Project Management, AGILE

Jul, 2013
Jan, 2014

Senior Web Architect & Developer

Modis Italia (Consultant)   – Wolters Kluwer (Client)  

After 9 years of experience in the development and in all the technologies connected with the web and mobile ecosystems I switched to the consulting world. I worked as senior web developer, in a company that develops tax software, using the technologies that I like more: 4.5, MVC 3/4, HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, SQL Server 2012 with Entity Framework, Web Services / Web API and much more. I learned Microsoft TypeScript and the AGILE development methodologies in details the Scrum method.

Knowledge developed: 4.5, Web API, MVC 4, TypeScript, AGILE Scrum Methodology, Knockout.js, Kendo UI

Nov, 2009
Jun, 2013

Web Developer

Gap Multimedia S.r.l.  

In my experience in this company I contributed to the design and development of our core product that was a 360° web CMS/CRM for modelling agencies. I have also converted some older parts of our web application from Classic Asp to My work day was composed of different tasks as maintenance of the application, the development of new functionalities based on our customer’s needs and developing (web) services to integrate our data to other applications, such as invoicing tools or video publishing platforms. I used the last technologies available MVC 3/4, Entity Framework and SQL Server 2012. We also used Web Forms and Web Services in WCF or with the MVC Web API.

Knowledge developed: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012, .Net Framework 4.5, Entity Framework 4, MVC 3/4, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS 3

Sep, 2005
Nov, 2009

Web Developer

MTV Italia S.r.l. (Italy brand/TV channel of MTV networks)  

After my first working experience I designed and developed the frontend and backend of the Italian branch of MTV websites (, In details, I joined the group of developers that developed the new community and many parts of their websites. I have also migrated some functionalities from Classic ASP to C#. I used the last technologies that we had at that time such as Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 for Classic ASP and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for C#. As database, we used Microsoft SQL Server and rarely Microsoft Access for small functionalities such as temporary newsletters, SQL/TSQL and Stored Procedure when there weren’t yet the ORM that we use today as LINQ and Entity Framework to which we switched to in 2008. For the graphic works, I usually used Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop.

Knowledge developed: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010 and Team System, .Net Framework 3.5, LINQ and WCF, C#, Classic ASP, JavaScript, and Ajax, XML, jQuery, jQuery UI and other minor JavaScript libraries. Microsoft SQL Server and SQL/TSQL, Stored Procedures, database management, IIS.

May, 2004
Aug, 2005

Web developer / System Engineer

Businet S.r.l  

In my first work experience I developed and maintained our client’s websites. I designed the right solutions for their needs and developed what they needed, usually a CMS, an intranet or a corporate website. I used Classic Asp and I started to learn that I began to implement in some new projects. I also was involved into our system management, I installed the servers with everything we needed for the deployment of our applications, in detail Windows Server, IIS, SQL Server. I did sometimes some maintenance for our client’s servers and networks, such install and configure firewalls, router, print servers etc. etc.
It was my first work experience and I tried to do everything I could to learn as much as possible.

Knowledge developed: Administration and maintenance of some small corporate networks and inside equipment. Design and development of websites as intranet, CMS, corporate sites with Microsoft technologies as Classic ASP, 2.0, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server.